How To Get A Scuba Diving Certification?

Acquiring a scuba diving certification is something that demands an individual to complete a scuba diving course which will include prerequisites. All in all, the course of 5 phases which include the swimming test, study of the modules, practicing the theories in a secure environment, practicing it over again in open water and lastly, take an examination. To get started, check out scuba diving classes here.

Number 1. Swimming test - this is going to vary from different individuals but all in all, you may expect to take a short swim and have to tread the water for a short while. Basically, you simply need to stay afloat for at least 10 minutes and swim for 200 meters at least.

Number 2. Study materials - there are plenty of modules may choose to study which can be taken at dive centers, local diving school or even over the internet. In the modules, you are going to know how the equipment should be set up, functions of diving equipment, the safety procedures needed to be applied, how you could clear the regulator and the mask while you are underwater, different methods of exit and entry and many more. While it look complicated at first, so long as you're taught by a reputable instructor, the program will be an enjoyable an exciting experience.

Number 3. Pool training - here, you will be applying everything that you've learned to set up gears, basics of navigation and even the safety procedures such as sharing air with the dive buddy. You will take your first underwater breath but this will all be done in an enclosed and controlled environment. Your first breaths can be a bit worrisome so try to get rid of this feeling.

Number 4. Open water training - all the exercises you've done in pool training were only a preparation for this stage, you will be entering open water in a quarry, the sea or whatever. From there, you will practice mask clearing and a few other things. After that, you need to take a 4 dive series wherein each one is deeper than the last.

At your last dive, it will probably be the deepest around 18 meters so you can get to experience maximum depth.

Number 5. Examination day - to conclude the scuba diving PADI certification NJ course and at the same time to verify if you're qualified to get a certification, you have to pass a multiple choice test which you'll surely pass as it is quite simple.
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